In Conti  uomo shops a groom can choose from a variety of selections .

First we start from the style (concept) of your wedding .
We have the following choices:

American Oscar Awards style



           A black tuxedo , cummerbund and a bow tie are first things in mind in that Hollywood style . (Alternatively there also other neckwear to combine with that you can find only in American Oscar Awards and our shops ) .The tuxedo should be in slim line to present the body as stylish as possible , a single buttoned jacket with sateen lapel  and a besom hip pocket are the basic characteristics of that style . Of course the bride should be dressed accordingly .






A romantic era style wedding



            A white tailcoat , gloves  , top hat  and a walking stick easily deliver us directly to the Victorian romantic era .A white tailcoat or alternatively a redingote highlights the masculine sense  of the groom and gives an icon that for sure increases the enthusiasm of your guests . Additionally the bride can select a Victorian – princess like – wedding dress with  matching gloves and a lacy umbrella . The whole scenery will be complete with a use of a horse coach or an antique car.





A  Corleone style wedding.





             If you would like your groom suit to become a subject of a lifetime discussion from your guests  or your family origins are back Crete , Mani or Sicily you are definitely for a Corleone style wedding .A classic suit combined with a “Don Corleone “ scarf and a pork pie hat  in black and white color combinations is your style many more accessories all available in Conti shops to cover all your stylish needs . Celebratory  gunfire on the other hand is under your responsibility ….