Conti commercial warranties

           Conti uomo are the only wedding suit shops in Greece and Cyprus that give you good fabric quality and stitching endurance guarantee as also free size adjustment repairs guarantee .



2 years of good fabric quality and stitching endurance guarantee.

           The Conti groom suits are manufactured  in the U.S. under high quality standards . That is why Conti provides you with a two year guarantee as mentioned above .This means that any problem occurs in the groom suit during its proper use or wash due to internal  factors, the suit will be instantly replaced or repaired . As internal factors we may consider a faulty fabric material. On the other hand external factors such as a cigarette burn or a hitch do not activate the guarantee described above .The guarantee is valid in every Conti shop in Greece and Cyprus regardless of the point of sale .

2 years of free size adjustments and repairs guarantee .

           A Conti groom suit gives a sense  of  a secure choice and flexibility for two whole years after you buy it . If your body size changes Conti uomo covers you with hundreds of free size adjustment repairs(within the size limits of your suit) for the first two years so as to fit in your suit perfectly without any cost.

           This guarantee is valid in all Conti uomo shops regardless of the point of sale .


Guarantee of size replacements up to twenty days prior to your wedding  from the size you had  already ordered

           It is a common practice for many grooms to go on a diet before wedding so as to loose some weight up to then . And here is the big dilemma  for the groom , "Should I start early my search for a wedding suit to have plenty of time ahead and a big variety of choices or leave it for the last minute  to be sure for my exact body size but under the risk of being compromised with what is left on the shelve ? And what If I buy a wedding suit early but loose or put some serious weight until my wedding? Considering that most of the shops in that case make only size adjustment repairs sometimes by destroying the structure of the suit even charging you for that"

In Conti shops you do not need to have these dilemmas and worries as described above . Changes in your body size from the time you ordered it until your wedding day become our problem not yours . You can order your suit six or eight months before your wedding and in the meantime just let us know if you notice any serious change in your body size . In a few words  just twenty days before your wedding you visit us for a last rehearsal  to check your exact size . In case you have moved to another size from the one you had previously  ordered , we activate the size replacement guarantee and instead of destroying your suit by adjusting it beyond its limits, we provide with a new suit  of  your current new size . It takes us about three days to receive your new suit from our warehouse from Greece or Cyprus and  five days to get it from the U.S..

           Last but not least , on the contrary of what is happening  in the rest of the market , in Conti shops we have a rule , the groom suits that are hanged on the stands inside our shops are not for sale , they are just the samples . We are not allowed t o sell you a used groom suit that our potential customers wear for a trial .The groom suit you buy is a packaged new suit ready to be worn from you for its first time .